Experience natural scenery - Comfortable living in the Hotel Pradell

Unforgettable holiday moments in Ortisei - Enjoy the peace of nature

Philosophy. Back to nature. Experience the real thing.

Our world, full of norms, rules and statistics, really takes something out of us - something’s missing, what is it?
It’s nature, the adventure of life; we are moving further and further away from whence we came - from Mother Earth.
Back to nature is our motto.
Let's give ourselves a little freedom to find peace within ourselves, and experience the real thing.

The materials our house is made of have come from Nature itself.
It was built with wood and stone, but also with iron and glass.
The observer sees in detail the real and truthful construction; nothing is simply for show.
We take care to sustain radiation-free living so we took away radiating devices and the like.
We are pleased to welcome you into our cosy house.
Your satisfaction is our reward.

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